New Antic onb. Customs Recruitment Scam

Have you recently seen or received an advert on whatsApp or Facebook about a purported mass recruitment exercise into various cadres of the Nigeria Customs Service? 

Well, take a second look, even if the adverts look authentic and persuasive.  The use of the authentic Customs Website may sway many desperate job seekers.

No matter how smart criminals may be they always leave something to give them away.  Since their intention is to scam people, a point of payment is always incorporated in their adverts. This is not possible with the authentic website.  A fake one like the “” was therefore created to request payment before forms are completed.

On a daily basis, the Nigeria Customs Service receives complaints from victims of fraudsters who have been duped of various amounts running into millions of naira.  So, it is important to know that fraudsters are on prowl duping unsuspecting and desperate job seekers. 

Legal recruitment into the Service will be announced on nationwide print and electronic media and published extensively on the official website of the Service, and official Facebook page,

The Customs recruitment application is FREE OF CHARGE at all levels.

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